David Chien

Software Engineer based in Taipei.

I build things for the web. I'm passionate about creating software that is fast, reliable, and user-friendly.


I'm a student and frontend developer living in Taipei.

During my free time I like going gym, doing Bench Press. You can also find some cool music festival live on my Instagram.

You can always get my cv on here.

    2023 / 7 - Present

    Software Engineer Intern

    Developed a comprehensive log service enabling tracking of campaign operations for both managers and engineers, streamlined and consolidated similar code into a cohesive component with a focus on usability, and introduced new design system elements like Table, Chart, and Widget.
    2022 / 6 - 2023 / 6

    Software Engineer

    Created a global React streaming web app, optimizing its performance by integrating WebGL for a 30% CPU reduction, streamlined gift animation algorithms, decreased API calls by 50% through a new recharge page flow, resolved over 1000 ESLint errors, and bolstered deployment confidence by implementing e2e testing in the CI pipeline for three products on GitLab.
    2022 / 2 - 2023 / 2

    Software Engineer

    Built a React.js-based Hong Kong food delivery platform and utilized Cordova to transform it into a mobile app, collaborating with UI/UX designers to implement a newly designed and intuitive homepage interface.
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